Types of Clients We Serve

Small Business There is a growing necessity that a small business display a current, well-designed website. Not necessarily for sales. Sometimes a business simply needs a "here we are, and we are real" kind of website. These are very straight-forward and can be quite economical.

Non-Profits Those of us involved in Galaxy Website Design have been involved with non-profit organizations for many decades -- as volunteers, directors, docents, and consults. We have worked with non-profits involved in the arts, music, health, support, and education. We know what a budget is and we know how to stay within it. Let us know what you need and we will help put your website together so that you can provide the services you have been charted to perform.

Individuals Mostly this category is composed of musicians, artists, writers, and other creative types. We like to think of ourselves as the token geeks in the crowd. Able to supply the IT skills necessary to complement the creative drive they bring to the project.

When reviewing our clients it becomes apparent that the list ranges from single individuals to very large companies. Size is not important to us. We don't focus on size of the company. And, we don't focus on size of the contract.

To us there are two key factors that we look for in any project -- fun and service. Unless the project is fun, and unless we can provide a real service, we just don't take the contract.

This may be why we have continuing relationships with clients that we first met over three decades ago.