Webdesign Programming We Do

Below is a partial list of the programming services I can provide. I have been programming since 1978 when I first learned Fortran in order to do a few complex matrix calculations for my phd dissertation in quantum mechanics. As soon as the personal computer became available I switched from Fortran to C, forth, dbms, clipper, then later html, css, actionscript, java, and more. Haven't looked back once.

html: Required for all website design

html -- is used as the core markup language for pretty much all of the web. Every page you look at has some html. There may be other components. But html is the key. We do this and we do it well.

css: Style and Usability

css -- Cascading Style Sheets (or simply css) is the part of a webpage that turns your design idea into a good looking page. We do this and we'd be happy to do it for you.

javascript: Add interactivity

javascript -- Javascript is a tricky beast. It can do many very interesting things for your website. However, because of growing security concerns more and more browsers are turning javascript off by default. We know how to program in javascript. We also know how to design so that your website looks good and functions even when the javascript is turned off. This is important to you. You don't want to turn away customers just because they are using the latest security recommendations. So let us help you use javascript where necessary in a way that works even for those customers with javascript turned off. More info...

flash: For advanced projects

flash -- Flash is amazing. It can do wonderful things for a website. However, it costs. Original Flash programming can be expensive. So if you already know that you need flash for your site, let's talk. If you have no idea what Flash could do for you, let's do everything possible with the basics before we look into the Flash. We love Flash. It is fun. It is powerful. But, it might not be the best fiscal decision for you. Just saying....

flex: Web Application Programming

flex -- Flex. If you know what this is, and, you need some Flex work done, then give us a call. We can contract the whole project. Or, perhaps, you just need an extra set of hands for a few weeks. Let us know.

perl: Server-Side and Widget Programming

perl -- Perl is a backend, server-side language. Most folks are using php these day. We still do widgets and other useful bits of programming in perl. We only mention it here just in case you have an old bit of perl and need a little help.

seo: Increase Your Ranking

SEO -- Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any website. Over the years we have learned to do this in the natural of creating a website. For an example of the kinds of SEO we do check out basic on page SEO.