Gallery of Web Design Work

Below find a range of websites designed for existing clients. Some of these required web design of a single page or two, others involved web design of a full site, and still others required a complete consulting package from start to finish. We do it all. We can do as much web design as you need. And we can do as little as you need. It's nice to get what you pay for, but don't get more than you need.

Museum of Ancient and Modern Art -- A large, northern California educational museum. The museum is undergoing rapid restructuring at this time and required a web design that could mutuate with the flux.

hei, Heidelberg Editions International

Jazz Art A work in process, I am gradually converting over 6,000 pages from a pre-css format to modern css.

Only The Best CDs This was created some time ago -- you'll notice tables and a few other hold overs from the pre-HTML4/css days. All in all, the web design continues to work well for Cloister Records and they're happy as clams (tables or not).

Ellen's Kitchen -- This web design was developed for our good friend Ellen -- a registered nurse (working with terminally ill infants) and a cook/nutritionist. The site is very old school. Kept that way purposely for the look and ease with which she can update the web design and web pages herself. Yep, that's right. We taught her enough that she is now (with periodic help from us) maintaining this 700k page view site. That's right. She's getting almost 3/4 million page views per month.

GODD™ Games Just finished an overhaul of the gaming site. After a few "oh my god what is with your website" GODD™ Games decided it was time for a web design overhaul. The new template was installed, now they are looking at re-working the content since it is so much easier to naviagate -- and they can actually find things now.

Imag3 This is my art website. Here you'll find sculpture, jewelry, and more. I've kept the site pretty minimalist in order to highlight the art and allow it to become the main focus of attention.

The Clear Light This website was designed for a group of practitioners involved in readings/prayers for voyagers going through transit after death. It does demonstrate that softer palettes are useful.