HTML, CSS, SEO, Website Consulting

Available Consulting Services

  • Purposing of website
  • Website structure & hierarchy
  • Website templates
  • Website Update / Re-Design
  • Selection of Domain Name
  • Link strategies
  • Updates & maintenance
  • Keyword selection
  • Analysis milestones
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphics selection, Graphic Design
  • Widget analysis & creation
  • W3C Compliance & validation
  • Online marketing
  • Webmaster arbitration
  • Programming

Yes, we do web design and web consulting.

We provide the service you need. That means we look deep into the demands of your website project and give you the full focus of our attention -- everything you need and nothing else.

If you'd like help with domain name search or domain name selection we are ready to help.

If you are looking for a domain hosting company and would like help making a selection, we'd be happy to give our advice. Sometimes a friendly, qualified ear is all you are looking for -- we're here for you.

Or, perhaps you'd like an advocate in arbitration with an existing webmaster. It might be that a few minutes of outside help from us bridges the communication gaps and gets you and your existing webmaster back on track. We consult with domain owners, and, we consult with fellow web designers. Sometimes another webdesigner needs a little help. We're happy to lend a hand. We have an amazing group of fellow webmasters that help us out when we hit a snag, and we are happy to do that for other webmasters.

Perhaps you have a vague idea and a few graphics that you'd like to turn into a web design. That's an excellent start. We can work with you to take this first blush of an inspiritation into the web design you are hoping for.

The days of a few headlines in bold and red font are long gone. Webpages require thoughtful creative planning and the programming skills to implement.

Let us know how we can be of service.