In keeping with tradition Galaxy Website Design Constructor Fleet began their annual Christmas Party today. October 31 has been the traditional starting date for their Annual Christmas every year since 1950. Keeping in mind that "Annual Christmas" party to these gyyz does not mean "happening once a year." Rather they take "annual" to be the recommended duration of the party. By concensus, Feburary 29th is the official "No-Party" Day -- it's not really part of the year anyway, being extra and all.

Gathering in the parking lot, the conversation soon turns to issues of carburetors, fuel rods, and dampening systems. As you see in the photo, John CB seems to be pulling well ahead in the "frozen butt" contest. The winner gets to take a turkey home. This friendly test of "who can sit in freezing conditions longer than the other" just clarifies the real issue here....

A train of thought is about to leave the station, hurtling the Galaxy Website Design folks into a frenzy of creativity. As may be seen in this photo, the Galaxy Constructor Fleet doesn't have a useless brakeman hanging around on the payroll. Nope. There's a good dozen of them loafing about for free -- totally ruining the supply-and-demand for sloth. How can you sell it when there are so many willing to give it away free?

The limo finally arrives. Unfortunately it does not look at first glance that there is enough baggage room for any luggage. To compensate, luggage was sent to the gorilla house of the local zoo for rough handling. By early next week the luggage should reflect the required wear-and-tear of a round trip.

It's a simple formula: fifteen pounds of baking soda and 2 gallons of vinegar. Man, will that baby fly! It's been a mixed blessing ever since the EPA declared vinegar and baking soda the only legal propellent for liquid-fuel rockets. The suckers are more fun to launch, but ICBM has lost it's meaning as InterContinental Ballistic Missile and is now more like: "Inner City Backyard Model."

What does all of this have to do with Website design? Not much, by our calculations. That is why we let the Constructor Fleet party all year round, and leave the web page development to a small crew of writers, artists and computer-type folks with enough sense to come in out of the snow. If someone doesn't have the smarts to get his or her butt out of the freezing snow, what makes you think they will be savvy enough to avoid blinking text and Active X?

Say hello to the Constructor Fleet on the porch -- drop us a line. We'll be happy to listen to your web problems and then commiserate. Who knows? We may even have something constructive to offer.